Coaching Background

If I’m honest my coaching background and experience at the moment is very limited. I have had several jobs that for whatever reason have ended up being evening jobs which has never given me the time to commit to a club. I have always played football, represented Greater Manchester Boys Federation as a Goalkeeper at U16’s level. I moved to Spain when I was 17 and lived there for a few years and managed to play fairly regularly in the Liga Aficionado Fuengirola. Since moving back to England though I have moved around from Lancaster, to Dorset, to York, and eventually settling now in Liverpool. My main issue now though is that I am working evenings, and on the 2 evenings I have free off work, I have Chinese one night and the other free night, I am attempting to play football again, however through this I am hoping to take some sessions potentially to at least develop my coaching abilities. I currently hold my FA Level 1, and I am saving up to try and get my Level 2 completed in the next 12 months. I would also like to do FA Goalkeeping Level 1 & 2 as this is the role in football I am most familar with and feel most comfortable coaching.

Due to my lack of experience I would struggle to give myself any sort of a rating on my coaching ability, however I imagine currently it would be around a 2-3/10.

In the brief sessions I have taken I believe 3 good qualities I have as a coach are patience as when coaching football, not everyone can grasp what is expected immediately. I feel this is a good quality as it can encourage those who may be struggling. A second strength would be personal skills, as I like to try to stick to goalkeeping it tends to be a 1-to-1 session, and you need to be able to encourage and communicate effectively individually.  I also believe I am approachable from the feedback I have received. This is a positive as if you are coaching children, you don’t want them to feel uncomfortable if they have any problems or issues they ,ay need to tell you.

I feel my weakness is communicating to a large group. This is because I have rarely had to communicate to more than 10 players at one time in my brief coaching experiences. Also coaching teams which is fairly similar to my previous weakness is something I need to work on as mainly I have trained a few specialist players e.g goalkeepers. Finally I would say confidence is something I need to improve, as you need to be assertive and confident when addressing groups of athletes, otherwise they may doubt the credibility of what you’re saying.



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